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Author Topic: Facebook Live Prep Questions  (Read 5 times)


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Facebook Live Prep Questions
« on: March 11, 2020, 08:50:25 am »
1. When was the Mother house founded & who were the founders? Easter 1979, Mish, Vish,
Historetica, and Rev.Mother

2. Who began the tradition of “white face” and why did they start wearing “white face”? Vish,
because he was an escort and did not want his clients to know who he was as a sister.

3. Name five houses and tell what their coronets look like? Magic City Sisters/Top Hat,
Tampa/Pirate Hat, San Francisco/Ear Boobs, Seattle/blow-up toilet seat covered by veil,
Portland/Lampshades, Reno/two towers with arch bridge connecting them, London/traditional
Nun, LA/Flying Nun, Atlanta Mission/bonnets, Milwaukie/Cheese Heads.

4. Where did the Rocket City Sisters first manifest in public? Deja Vieux

5. What does U.N.P.C. stand for and name at least 2 officers: United Nuns Privy Council / Unity
Divine - MOM, Faegala Pfischzoot - MOM

6. Circle the correct answer:
A. The Sisters are a Non-Profit 501©3 Organization dedicated to helping other Non-Profit
organizations and educating about safer sex.

B. The Sisters are a Non-Profit 304©4 Organization who’s purpose is to manifest and drink
with the community.
C. The Sisters are a Non-Profit 299©9 Organization with the sole purpose of raising money
through dressing up and getting wasted.
D. None of the above.

7. The Safest way to have sex is:
A. With only one partner at a time.
B. With a condom.
C. With yourself.
D. All of the above.

8. The only way to put together a successful fundraising event is:
A. To ask another house to put together the event.
B. Buy the best/most expensive decorations and get a great DJ. Have the Bar give away drinks
to every person who signs-up to join the RCS. Have Guards posted at the bathrooms to let
Sisters know who wants oral sex.
C. Choose a theme, make a budget, secure a location (free if possible), and assign each
member a task to do…then follow up on each assignment. Get to the event early and set up
with a team of chosen members. Secure entertainment that can donate the time and, thank
each person who helped afterwards.

D. Bribe a Sister to do it for you.

9. The four stages of membership in any Sister House are:
A. Slave, Master, Pup and Puppy.
B. Aspirant, Postulant, Novice and Fully Professed.
C. Servant, Overseer, Lord, and Creator.
D. Queen, King, Father, and Mother of the House (Abbess).

10. One of these statements is NOT true concerning the Mission Statement for the Sisters around
the world. Circle the INCORRECT answer:
A. Sisters spread joy and understanding around the world by helping to buy toys for homeless
children and by participating in the election process of our respective state.
B. Sisters promulgate omniversal joy (spread joy) and expiate stigmatic guilt (do away with the
guilt placed on us by religious organizations) through perpetual manifestations.
C. Sisters deny themselves, take up the cross for our fellow citizens and do ministries of sexual
favors whenever we are called upon to do so.

D. Sister are to focus first on themselves, making sure that we are all satisfied and then we can
truly help others who need fulfillment.

11. Sister Gretchen and Sister DP first joined the group because:
A. They were originally drag queens looking for a way to start performing again.
B. They were interested in doing crotch to floor so that they could get a handful of dick from
HOT guys.
C. There was no other organization that raised money in such a FUN way that brought so much
joy to every event and gave the proceeds to other non-profit organizations and charities
D. They liked going out in public without underwear on and flashing their **** to HOT straight

12. True/False
1. It is a requirement to have sex with at least one board member before you may be
considered for full membership. [F]

2. It is necessary to complete the learning phase of membership (Aspirant, Postulant and
Novice) along with a successful project before one can be considered for an affirmative vote
into Fully Professed Membership. [T]

3. Allowing Sister Aioli to “play with it” will help you to have a clear “shot” to Fully Professed
Membership. [F]

4. While in the 3 learning phases (Aspirant, Postulant and Novice), it is necessary to form
friendships and begin working with your Mentor on putting together a project that will
make money for the house and at least one charity. [T]

5. Everyone in the house must complete the Novice project and present a report to the Board
of directors after collecting the money for the project. [T]

6. No Sister/Guard is allowed to walk alone outside of an event where we are manifested in
face/mask/garb of a Sister/Guard. This is known as the rule of 2. [T]

7. All Sisters/Guards are required to submit to a psychological exam by the state before
beginning their “Night of Torture” to become Fully Professed. [F]

8. All members must participate in at least one Out of Town Sister event produced by another
house. [F] {But there is no greater way to learn “Sisterhood”}

9. Sister Unity lives in San Francisco and Sister Faegala lives in Birmingham. [F]

Fill out the following questions by writing at least a paragraph for each.

13. Spreading Joy is the number one concern of SPI members worldwide. I have decided to be
creative by spreading Joy in this manner:

14. I first became interested in Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence _______ and decided to pursue my
journey at this time because:

15. Legal liability is the:

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